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Salsa & Latin Dance Classes

Learn to dance Salsa or Bachata with award winning Latin dance teacher Amanda Hawley at Todo Latino, the Midland’s favourite Latin dance school. We teach Cuban Salsa and Dominican Bachata classes to all levels of ability, so no matter what your background you can feel at home on our dance floors.

We teach through regular short courses, drop-in classes and specialist workshops that take place in local venues and the laughter, Latin vibes and hip swinging make an addicting combination you will want to keep coming back to. With warm and patient encouragement that guides you through every step, so you can practicee and refine your technique as you go enabling you to eventually be ready to join in at one of our fun monthly fiesta parties.

Our dancers come in all different ages, shapes, sizes, and easily find they make friends with each other, so even if you’re new to the area this is a great way to instantly meet some like-minded people, so it’s no wonder our monthly Todo Latino Fiesta party keeps people talking for weeks.

Dancing helps build your confidence, release inhibition, increase self-esteem and improve your overall health and fitness, mental and physical well-being and gives you a great social platform to start from.

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Todo Latino Dance Co.

Tony Lara in Nottingham – Todo Latino Dance Co.

A short video compilation of this Friday's Bachata Workshop with Tony Lara.
September Bachata Moves (Loughborough)

Loughborough Bachata Routine

Video by Charlotte Crane. This is Loughborough's Bachata dance routine for September 2014, video courtesy of Ch