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  • It's been a wonderful experience for us to learn to dance Salsa.
  • I love the classes and the beautiful group of people who join in every week.
  • You're an inspiring and fun teacher and you'll be glad to know I've been recommending Todo Latino classes to friends
  • I just wanted to say how much I've loved the classes, I've completely fallen in love with salsa and bachata and want to make dancing a regular thing.
  • Just a last big thank you for helping making my wife's birthday really special. Everyone absolutely loved the experience and thought you were excellent.
  • I would like to take your Loughborough Salsa Beginners class for a third time if that’s okay?
  • I personally would like to say a big thank you to Amanda, what I have learnt in today's workshop has blown what I have learnt in the last 8 years of dancing clean out of the water!
  • Spent my life thinking that I should dance, but not doing it because of fear. Thanks for your patience, attention and for making it fun.
  • You hold the space for us to flourish with patience, vibrancy and humour. What a great way to learn to dance. Thank you for creating Todo Latino.

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