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When last you went to party..?

Dudes, did you go to the Salsa and Bachata party on Sunday? For those of you who came, how much fun was had, then??

First off, before anything else, our sincere apologies for the truncated evening, as well as the curtailed floor privileges. There seemed to be crossed signals re: the management and us at todo latino, but for all the rough and tumble,  it was a fantastic evening!

Now, for those of you who missed the evening? I know, I know. Your chests have become tight with loss, your eyes burning with tears of frustration, because how could you have missed one of the better parties this year so far? Ah, mate, I know. I know.

To avoid that happening again, you all need to Text SALSA to 60777 , and then opt in to receive messages, so the next time when you get a message to come to a party, you just show up, and get ready to dance, dance, dance! Promise? Promise!

Amanda is still recovering from the party, I hear. Oooeer, what was she doing then, the cheeky little minx.  There was also the after party, another lime, so there’s the party after the party!

Were you there, then? Who did you see? What happened? Do tell – and leave comments below. Enquiring minds need to know!

Tomorrow is another post. Until then, practise, practise, practise!

Besos, hermanos!



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