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Amanda Hawley featured on Notts TV

Amanda Hawley of Todo Latino Dance Co. joins the Notts TV team for a featured interview and dance moves for Beginners Salsa and Latin Dancing in Nottingham.

Nottingham, Trent Sound Interview

Amanda Hawley of Todo Latino Dance Co. was recently interviewed by Jason Loftus of Trent Sound on the Nottingham Lace programme.

Latin Freestyle Salsa Comes to Derby

Amanda Hawley of Todo Latino Dance Co and Stan Smith of Salsa Kitchen Dancers were featured in today's Derby Telegraph as they announced plans to run a series of new Salsa & Latin Freestyle classes in Derby City Centre. Read More:

Compliments of the season!

Hey chaps, I guess you're enjoying the brisk breezes then. I do remember back in the day, when the rest of the UK was enveloped in snows, I tended to be like, "Oh, it NEVER snows in Nottingham. We're fine. FINE." Well, over the past few years it seems that winter's coming earlier, harder and cold

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