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Salsa dancing at Chemistry

Thursday 25th October

SoSalsaLise at Homemade

Saturday 20th of October
Salsa Social

Todo Latino at Revolucion de Cuba

Every Wednesday from 6:00pm

Every month we hold the Todo Latino First Friday Feista, we keep our dancers happy with a selection of the best Salsa and Latin dance parties, music events, Workshops, Congress and socials happening across the East Midlands, and UK, even organizing shared accomodation and group travel.

Please refer to our yearly schedule for advance dates and guest teachers.

Our own monthly Todo Latino Fiesta is always a huge success, attracting a rich mixture of people and dancers from both the local community and further afield. We encourage an atmosphere where seasoned professionals mingle with inexperienced dancers to enjoy the fine Latin vibes together.

There’s no better way to meet like-minded souls and encourage your growth as a dancer than to come along to a party and let loose of your inhibitions. Many people new to Todo Latino find the warm welcome incredibly refreshing.

Check out our past events here.

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