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Latin dance workshop

Bachata Workshop

  • Sunday 20th September
  • Fearon Hall, Loughborough
  • Start 11:00 - 14:00
  • Cost is £15 / 3 x credits or NUS £12

This is a regular monthly Bachata workshop happening every 3rd Sunday morning at Fearon Hall in Loughborough, come along and learn all about this beautiful dance.

Plus revision of basics, musicality, movement, moves, partnership, lead and follow techniques.

Each workshop can be attended on its own or following on from the previous workshop to form a comprehensive course – The first few workshops will focus on developing a solid foundations of the basics and fundamentals.

This months workshop is looking at leadership using the legs and various other body parts. How and when to use which part of the body and with the right amount of movement and pressure. Ladies will be taught to read and react to these signals. We’ll also be looking at moving the body, when is the right time to move and how.

No need to have attended previous workshops, as always my aim is to teach technique for your further development, to respond to your interpretation of the music you feel.

Be an individual on the dance floor and become the best kind of dancer…


The price is £15 / 3 x credits or NUS £12

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Please remember to RSVP your attendance on the Facebook event below (only if you use Facebook) – having accurate numbers is always useful for me to plan the workshop. :)

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