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Improver Bachata December 2015

Brief explanation of sequence without music.

Please remember on the back to back that only partner moves to the side & the closer the better

Ladies please don’t stick your bottom up on the base line lean & grip with your legs on the travelling turn

Intermediate Salsa Variations – Final 2015

This course has some variations between Loughborough and Nottingham

This shows you how you can alter the routine in order to accommodate an injury

This alternative also offer a smaller option, in case you are restricted for space

Improver Bachata Week 2 November 2015

Please note these movements are very large and exaggerated so that you are able to see the route my hands are taking, ideally with practice these hand leads will be almost invisible to the naked eye .. Good luck x x

Beginner Salsa Week 2

Basic Step РForward and backward,  Leader forward with Left foot on 1 РFollowers Back on the right on 1

Rumba Step – Side to side

Abanico – “The fan” Opening away from each other on 1, returning to each other then opening the opposite way

Cuban Basic – Both partners step away on 1 and return together do do 5,6,7 on the spot

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