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double trouble, toil and bubble… and parties

Lately,  I’ve been getting a lot of queries from people who do classes in jive about the compatibility of Salsa. “Jive has thirty moves,” I’ve been told. “Will salsa be just as challenging? You see, I can’t lose my edge.”  Inwardly, I give them my >:(‘ face,  but next time, I’ll just go :D and say, “Dude, you must do double trouble!”

can you handle double trouble?

can you handle double trouble?

Double what? Is that a sweet, then? Well, no. Double trouble is a sort of dancing menage a trois, where you have two followers (women) to one leader (man).

J, I didn’t think this was that sort of blog?  But you know, if it is...: No, dude, it’s so not what you think it is. Eww, just eww.  See, sometimes a class might be short of men, and because we don’t want the women to have to wait ages for a partner, we do double trouble. The leader has to lead two women at once: it’s like patting your stomach, rubbing your head and rolling your eyes at the same time. Think of it as a test to your manhood.  For ladies, it’s pretty much a challenge for them as well, because you want to follow the leader, keep an eye on your own progress and make sure that you don’t go careening into the other woman.

One man, two women, eh? How does that work, then? Quite well, actually. The improvers salsa classes are at that level where our students have the flexibility and the tools to get on with it, as it were. They also have oodles of confidence, so they dance around everything that’s thrown at them.

After Improvers Salsa, we did Improver’s Bachata (okay, they did Improver’s Bachata, I sat and knitted… for justice. Yes, justice).  When I rule the world,  Bachata will be the Dance of Choice.  I am on a mission to seduce people to the gospel of Bachata.

How will I do this? I will put meta tags such as ‘Salsa lessons in Leicester’ , and ‘Flamenco Instruction’ and make people come to the classes. Use the skills of Amanda and Wilson to ensnare you all into the rhythmic romantic stylings of Bachata. There’s no other dance that makes the woman feel so cherished and the focus of the move. We get to be spun around and swept off our feet. For that small window (about five minutes) with a good dancer, you pretty much get courted in the loveliest sense of the word.

The hand on back and shoulders, the palms meeting, and you’re being supported to be your best dancing self. Salsa lessons and jive lessons are cool, and I pretty much am in awe when I see the moves done right, but Bachata is just so *dreamy*.



There’s really nothing like it.

I think I need to chuck this blog business, and start taking over the world, big stylie. Mwahahaaha


  1. Right, as you know, this weekend (01–03 May, 2010) is the long holiday weekend. Bwee! We’re going to be having a party at the Up and Down Bar and there will be floors dedicated to Bachata, Salsa and all the Latin Dances that you can swing a cat at (or not, we don’t condone animal cruelty on this site), and there will be tons. Reggaeton, for example, is fairly popular. It’s a splash of Latin music mixed with a dash of Jamaican dancehall base rhythms, and shaken and stirred with good vibes and fun. It has the makings of a rather jolly good time, and you will be there, won’t you?

In addition, we have our Advanced Salsa Workshop from 10-15:00, with dips, spins and fancy tricks at Todo Latino Dance Studios . This is the workshop for polishing your Salsa moves, and going from an okay dancer, to one with polish and flair. Ooh, la, la. You know that you can’t miss out on that one, can you? You’ll be kicking yourself if you do, and going, “Oh, woe, I should have gone to that one.”


That’s all for this entry, right now.  Tune in same time, same blog channel, for a new entry. Any questions, comments, pointing out my borked links (am working on those, seriously) please drop a line.

Until then, one, two, three, hip. Five, six, seven, hip.  If you want me, I’ll be knitting, and plotting to take over the world…

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