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Tonight, we dance at the Up Down Bar

Hello, chaps.

Remember that tonight’s the night we dance at the updown bar. There will be activities like beginner’s Bugaloo and beginner’s Salsa classes. I thought that we could probably talk about what shoes you should wear.

For women, the guidelines are, if you can’t walk at a trot in the dance shoes, you can’t dance in them, either. We also frown on stilettos, because the pressure per square inch is lethal.  It creates holes in  wooden floors, and if you dance with your feet just swinging out all over the place, you might find your heel in someone’s calf.

So, some women at our dance classes wear these:

flat, comfortable shoes with a flexible sole

flat, comfortable shoes with a flexible sole

A flat, comfortable canvas shoe, with a flexible sole. There is enough grip to make your steps be firm, and its comfortable enough for you to go at a trot. Also, if you’re just starting to learn how to dance, you can do the steps until they feel comfortable, almost like muscle memory, and then you can move on to short, court heels. But look at this shoe – in the US, they’d be more referred to as a keds shoe, over here, I think the term is plimsoles? The point is, the woman can be led, and can turn and move at a faster pace without her falling flat on her face.

Other women, though, might not want to learn to dance in canvas rubber soled shoes.  There are many reasons for this. Number one, shoes with higher heels, force you to stand on the balls of your feet. Already, since your feet are at an angle to the floor, it will force you to lift and move.  In addition, nothing beats the silhouette of a higher heel.

Short heels, with leather sole.

Short heels, with leather sole.

In addition, with a higher heel, once you put on your dance shoes, and they are ‘dance shoes’ your mind and body go into a different place, and you are ready to move.

Let us look at the shoe, shall we? The leather soles are flexible – which is important, because uncomfortable shoes are the devil’s work. The straps should be supple enough for give and movement with the muscles of your feet. The heels aren’t stiletto, but more short and stacked, like sensible shoes. You want shoes that should be comfortable enough for you to run down the stairs in, if there should be a fire. You also want shoes that you should be able to twirl and turn in. Stilettos don’t suit, not at all.

As it is, right now, if you wish to get shoes to dance in, ask Amanda, and she can recommend you a few brands. Some prices go from A-OK to”Hahahaha, no!”  ridiculous. There are some brands which are better than others, so you need to have a care about that too.

Are there any brands that you like? Tell me,  oh mighty posters. Until next time, practise, practise, practise!

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