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Busy, busy, busy July

Hey, y’all, there are huge things happening over at Todo Latino this July. This Wednesday, July 14, 2010 will be a genuine free samba class, from 19.30 – 20.30 for all todo latino students! (This is where you throw your hands up and go, “Yay!” mates.) If you’re at a loose end, remember todo latino at 3-9 Station Street (opposite the train station – nice).

This Saturday, July, 17th, 2010 there will be a Bachata workshop at the studio. It will begin at 15.00 for those who are familiar with Bachata (but 14.00 for those who aren’t so au fait with the class).

The workshops are pretty ace,  very slick, and they help you to go from strength to strength. With each move that you do,  becomes a study in competence and confidence. You do owe it to yourself to come to these workshops, and there are meals included, to boot. Break bread with your comrades in arms – or footwork.

At 20.30 hours (8.30PM) there will be an Advanced Bachata class at this time.  This is advanced level Bachata with Wilson Castro.

But, that’s not all! Oh, no.  This will be followed by a  Bachata party on the same night! At 21.30 for EVERYONE! The music will be the melodious, lilting strains of Bachata ( so romantic, bless). It will be fantastic, and we do hope to see you there.   There is no dress code, however, NO STILETTOS, please, or you won’t be allowed on the floor, so please ladies, leave that footwear at home.

On July 24th, there’s a party at The Charnwood Golf Range, Derby Road, Loughborogh. Classes begin  at 8pm, and dancing is at 9-2am. Latin mix, Caribbean Barbeque available throughout the evening. Dancing will be both indoor and outdoor (so come rain or shine, this party will still be going on until (sort of) dawn, mates. So BE THERE!

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