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New Courses!

Hello chaps,

Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks over here in casa Todo Latino. We had dance classes at Nottingham’s Rivera on the beach, a couple of parties in Loughborough over the holidays, and now, like most things, summer is over, and school has started.

With September comes shorter days and longer nights. The temptation is to eat, and not exercise, to shut down your mind and body, in order to hibernate until Spring.

To this, I beseech you, chaps, please, don’t. Instead of staying in and gaining weight and shutting yourself from the world, you need to get out, and LIVE and dance, and doing so, you need Salsa and Bachata classes at Todo Latino, 3-9 Station Street, Nottingham.

I’m sure that you have questions for the classes that we do, and sisters (and brothers) I have the answers for you.

Absolute Beginner’s Salsa: Can you walk in a straight line? Yes? This class is for you. It assumes that you know nothing beyond walking in a straight line. That’s good, too, because it means that Amanda can train you the right way: no fluffing of steps, no awkward movements.  You will hear and dance to the beats and be good.

These classes start at 7:00pm sharp, but if you can, please arrive early for registration. For ladies, no stilettoes, please. You’ll have to dance barefoot if you do.

Absolute beginner’s classes run for 8 weeks, for £40.

Beginners Salsa: After eight weeks of Absolute Beginner’s salsa, you’re then kicked up to the Beginner’s Salsa. This course assumes that you know the basics of following a beat, basic turns, and that you are able to do the steps clearly and smoothly.  This class is done in 4 week sessions for £20, or £6 per class.

Absolute Beginners Bachata: I must admit, straight up, this dance is wonderful. It’s  similar to salsa in terms of dancing within the same eight beats, but instead of punctuating the beats with a pause, it’s done with a hip. It’s a dance of courtship, and wonder and flirting – and it’s my way of taking over the world.

It is an eight week closed course,  £40 for  8 weeks, or £6 per class.

So, tell me, will I see you there?

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