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As Simple As Joy (new classes start this week!)

Have you ever had one of those days, when everything is going all a bit wrong, only for something to be absolutely right happen when you least expect it?

Well, this is what happened to me. I got up this morning, couldn’t find my house keys, missed my seven o’ clock bus, staggered to my day job only for people to be playing silly beggars.

Only for tonight to arrive, and the clouds cleared, the heralds sang, the world rejoiced because Giles was here.


Yessiree bob, for the next three weeks, whilst Amanda is away, we’re having Giles for the Monday Absolute Beginner’s Salsa Classes, Beginner’s Salsa Classes and Absolute Beginner’s Bachata classes.

What is there to say about Giles? He’s really lovely, he smells like strawberry gum and sunshine and childhood, is really serene, and even me, two left footed jazz, feel as if I am dancing on air.

*dreamy sighs*

Amanda tends to find my goofiness over Giles terribly amusing and rather astounding, and wonders why I dance in his classes and not hers. Amanda is a great teacher, but I respect her too much to clomp all over her feet, whereas for Giles, my crush on him makes me insanely stupid, and silly. I giggle like a twelve year old girl, and look at fussy, strange teas with a benevolent eye when he’s around.

So, c’mon down. Amanda’s away, and Giles will play! I’ll be behind the counter, drawing a heart around our names, with sparkly glitter.

Because sometimes, life is like that, you come to a dance class, and see the one person that makes you really want to move.

Because you know, with todo latino dance classes, joy can be that simple.


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