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Something New!

Hello, chaps. What’s the good word with you, then? Over here, at Casa de Todo Latino, it’s been all lovely new events for the past month. First of all, on Sunday, October 24, 2010, Wilson hosted a lovely Bachata workshop. Twenty four people in all, learning to do steps, and how to regain their beats and ‘time’ after they’ve gotten out of tune. As well as getting tighter and more fluid with their turns, chased down by food and lashings of juice… from what I gathered, y’all missed a great workshop.

Fear not, however, you don’t have to self flagellate, or rend your clothes in despair, because new classes and workshops are coming up. Keep an eye on this blog for details.

On November 08, 2010, we start our new classes all across the board. New Absolute Beginners Salsa, Absolute Beginners Salsa and Absolute Beginners Bachata. Don’t forget that we have Improvers classes in Bachata and Salsa on Wednesdays as well.

Just a word on the Absolute Beginners Bachata link, since we’re discussing this – on the website, it says 4 weeks for £20. Actually, it should read 8 weeks for £40.

I know that some of you pretty much stay home,  and read this blog and think, “Oh, I should do the classes, and go the next time that they begin.” Well,  not to get all Chinese Fortune Cookie on you, but I shall,  because I love you all, my readers and you must allow me to be a mom, “Time and tide wait for no man.”

C’mon, give it a go. You know you want to. The teachers are ace (all of ’em guest teachers included), and your fellow students aren’t half bad.

In addition, you don’t need to have/ bring a partner in order to come and dance.  If there aren’t enough men for one class, we ship ’em in, so that you can come and get your dance on.  For the guys who are reading this: your local salsa needs you. Do it for Queen and Country, yes?

Thank you so much for your lovely comments to the blog entries.  See you in the next class!

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