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“Thank  God it’s Friday.”

Yes, I do know that it’s Monday morning,  the first day of another work week, but I also know that at the end of the week, you’ll be saying, “TGIF!” and soon after you breathe that lusty sigh of relief, you’re then going to ask, “What can I do on a Friday night?”

Todo latino has the answer! On Friday nights, at 18:00 hours, we have a drop in salsa class for an hour, so you can sharpen your skills (you can never learn too much basic, I say), or use it as a taster for new ones. Afterwards, stay and dance. The music runs the gamut from Bachata, to Salsa, to Meringue and cha cha. We have the largest dedicated salsa floor in the East Midlands, and it’s a lovely wooden floor, so you don’t have to worry about your poor knees.

Faces are blurred to protect the innocent.

Faces are blurred to protect the innocent.

Then, if you’re lucky, it might be one of the nights that Amanda cooks something.  Two weeks ago, we had the most delightful soup with freshly baked bread,  as we looked at the fireworks through the windows celebrating Guy Fawkes Day.

Bowls and towels for soup and bread. You should have been there

Bowls and towels for soup and bread. You should have been there

Hmm, the soup was epic.  Really warming, as it chased away a chill. Amanda didn’t make much, because we didn’t know how many people would be coming along to our Guy Fawkes Day celebration. Won’t you come next year? If you do, and if you’re good,  Amanda might  make this soup again. Or another kind. Pumpkin soup next year, please and thanks, Amanda.

Two Fridays ago,  Stan the man came to our Friday drop in.  Say hi to Stan the man –  *cue whistles and applause * For the past eight weeks, he’s been coming to our Absolute Beginner’s Bachata classes, and learning to turn and

Stan, Stan, hes our man. If he cant do it, no one can! Yay, Stan!

Stan, Stan, he's our man. If he can't do it, no one can! Yay, Stan!

move with the rest of ’em. Stan, being the man that he is, never walks alone. He always seems to have friends, really jolly friends, who joke and nudge, and bring great fun wherever they go.  So, cheers,  Stan the man, for being great fun, and attracting great people wherever you are and wherever you go.

Stan ‘the man’  attends our Absolute Beginner’s Bachata on Mondays. He’s funny, he can do finger guns with the best of them, and travels with ace people.

Cheers, Stan!

Speaking of classes, you do know that the first week of classes started two weeks ago? What, and you’re not here as yet? Why? Don’t you know that there’s still time to dance, to exercise and have a shot into getting into that little LBD? (what should men have instead of the LBD should it be the LBS – little black suit? Answers on a postcard, please!)

Right o, chaps. I do hope to speak to you later on in the week. There are changes afoot. Epic changes, fun changes.

Are you still without a hobby? You need to get one? Okay, here’s one: DANCE!

See you at Todo Latino,


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