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Amanda Hawley: Salsa Teacher of the Year 2010!!! (Central)

Kisses for everyone! Thank you all, you are more than stars; you are SUPERNOVAS!

Hello chaps,

Thank you so much for using your fingers to vote, and giving Amanda the nod for Salsa Teacher of the year (Central), 2010!

I only heard the news yesterday, but it didn’t really sink in until today when Amanda told her classes. By the second announcement, I was like,  “Wow, this is splendid! Absolutely brilliant!”

Again, thank you so much, everyone!

Have a virtual piece of chocolate cake on us; dark as sin, with a mouth feel of silken decadence  with complementary creamy chocoate frosting (visualise it, don’t eat it; it’s yummy and calorie free that way).

Please don’t forget that the Bachata Intermediate Workshop is on Saturday, February 12, 2011, from 12:00-18:00. The last workshop was pretty intensive, and we got some good habits and splendid dances going.  I finally learnt things, like ‘travelling’ and ‘shines’, and ‘footwork’ . I’ve also learnt that Amanda’s mum does amazing things with spinach, feta cheese and filo pastry. Om nom nom .

Thanks again everyone! For recognising the fact that when Amanda calls you on your cheating, it’s not because she wants you to feel bad, but wants you to get good. The fact that she insists that you do every step, and not flub anyone doesn’t mean that she’s an ogre, but that she wants flawless footwork.

Cheers again, all.  You’re the best.

We’re week five in Absolute Beginner’s Salsa, so if you want to have a lesson with the Salsa teacher (from the Midlands) of the year 2010, you can get on the course the first week in March.  For the beginner’s salsa classes begin this week, February 07, 2011.

So, will we see you here? I hope so.

I’m signing off, looking at the recipient of the Salsa Teacher (Central) of the year award, and trying to resist celebratory chocolate cake.


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