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Busy, busy, busy July

Hey, y'all, there are huge things happening over at Todo Latino this July. This Wednesday, July 14, 2010 will be a genuine free samba class, from 19.30 - 20.30 for all todo latino students! (This is where you throw your hands up and go, "Yay!" mates.) If you're at a loose end, remember todo latino a

Tonight, we dance at the Up Down Bar

Hello, chaps. Remember that tonight's the night we dance at the updown bar. There will be activities like beginner's Bugaloo and beginner's Salsa classes. I thought that we could probably talk about what shoes you should wear. For women, the guidelines are, if you can't walk at a trot in the dance

Free Salsa at the Up and Down Bar!

Mates,  my fellow Britons and salsa/bachata champions! Did you miss me? I so missed you, but I had to be trained on blogging. Giles (dance teacher supremo, Amanda's stand in in training) came and sat down and showed me what to do! So you know what this means, mi amigos? More posts! Mas y mas! It a

double trouble, toil and bubble… and parties

Lately,  I've been getting a lot of queries from people who do classes in jive about the compatibility of Salsa. "Jive has thirty moves," I've been told. "Will salsa be just as challenging? You see, I can't lose my edge."  Inwardly, I give them my >:(' face,  but next time, I'll just go :D a

Bachata workshop classes – fantastic!

Hello, all! Saturday  was Bachata workshop classes, with the theme of spins and fancy dips. From twelve to five pm, Amanda led the class in drills, sorted out the dodgy steps, and at the end, everyone was moving in harmony and beautiful lines. Already, I can hear someone going, "Say what now, Bac

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