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Nicolai V

Nicolai V

Nicolai – Salsa Teacher, DJ, Promoter, Performer.
(Best Regional Salsa Teacher – North East – 2009 Salsa Central Awards)

Based in Leeds, Nicolai (iSalsa) is one of the most popular and respected Salsa personalities in the UK. Well-known at home and abroad, he has been involved in the salsa scene for the best part of 20 years. His teaching style combines clarity, accessibility and user-friendliness with fun and enjoyment. He has a warm open approach which makes students feel comfortable and looked-after. As a DJ, Nicolai has an instinctive feel for the dancers and the dance-floor and can play to suit the crowd to keep any salsa event rocking…. And rumour has it that he gives the best hugs in the salsa scene! Ladies make sure you get a dance with him!

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