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Rasa Pauzaite

Rasa Pauzaite

Rasa is an absolutely amazing dancer with a beautiful, elegant style, which inspires and captivates all that behold her.

She has become an exceptionally accomplished dancer/performer and was winner of the 2011 freestyle Salsa and Bachata championships in the UK. Rasa has also gained much experience over the last years as a teacher of both Salsa and Bachata – with a great teaching style that seamlessly blends her passion and enthusiasm for dancing with a fun, friendly, student centered, and accessible approach.

Lately Rasa has been traveling all around Uk and also in Europe teaching people in big congresses also small private gatherings.

She has also featured in the Movie ‘Cuban Fury’.

Now Rasa also stepped in the performers’ world. She has danced with Salsa wizard Phillip Langlais, and even trained with the internationally accomplished dancers African Jet.

Currently she is working on a new show.

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