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Cuban Salsa & Bachata in Nottingham

Todo Latino is for social dancers who are passionate about the learning process; it's crucial to emphasise the significance of high standards in teaching and qualifications. When it comes to expanding your dance skills, seeking out instructors like ours who possess a strong background in the art form ensures you receive instruction of the highest calibre. These knowledgeable instructors bring expertise and a deep understanding of dance, enabling them to guide you effectively on your journey.

High-quality delivery & experience

However, it's important to note that the pursuit of high standards doesn't mean sacrificing the enjoyment of social dancing. In fact, it enhances the experience by allowing you to delve deeper into the intricacies of the dance style. Learning from well-qualified instructors improves your technique and provides a richer understanding of the dance's history, culture, and musicality.

By prioritising high standards of delivery, you can be confident in the authenticity and integrity of what you are learning. Qualified instructors know how to create a supportive and inclusive environment where social dancers of all levels can feel comfortable and inspired. They provide guidance that is tailored to your individual needs, helping you progress at your own pace while enjoying the process.

Qualified Instructors with experience

So, whether you're a seasoned social dancer looking to refine your skills or a beginner eager to embark on this fulfilling journey, remember that high standards of delivery and qualification can enhance your learning experience significantly. By choosing instructors with the expertise and qualifications necessary to guide you, you can deepen your understanding of dance while enjoying the vibrant and exciting world of social dancing.

Timetable & Direct booking links

MondayLocation: Todo Latino Dance Co Directions
18:00hrsDance Fitness (Open Level)£6 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

19:00hrsCuban Salsa Level 3 (Competent to Expert)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

20:00hrsRueda (Open Level)£5 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

20:30hrsDominican Bachata (Competent to Expert)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

WednesdayLocation: Revolucion de CubaDirectionsSchedule Appointment

18:00hrsCuban Salsa (Beginner)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

19:00hrsDominican Bachata (Open Level)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

20:00hrsCuban Salsa (Competent to Expert)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

21:00hrsFREE Salsa & Bachata Social
ThursdayLocation: Todo Latino Dance CoDirectionsSchedule Appointment
18:00hrsDance Fitness (Open Level)£6 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

19:00hrsCuban Salsa 10 Week Course (Beginner)£75Schedule Appointment

19:00hrsCuban Salsa (Beginner)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

19:50hrsDominican Bachata (Beginner)£8.50 / Todo Credit /
£75 10 Week Course
Schedule Appointment

20:40hrsCuban Salsa (Novice to Competent)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

Monthly Friday SocialLocation: AntennaDirections Schedule Appointment
Our 2024 timetable of Cuban Salsa, Dominican Bachata, Dance Fitness, Fiesta Latina and our regular community dance sessions to reduce loneliness. In addition to Todo Latino Dance Co & IMPACD C.I.C, other lessons and activities are available at IMPACD CIC. Please visit www.impacd-cic.org.uk or book the studio www.dancecentrenottingham.co.uk

What People Are Saying About Todo Latino.



Todo latino is the best salsa dance training I have ever been, Amanda will ensure you feel comfortable and never leave you behind. the atmosphere is so vibrant , sociable and friendly. she will take you through every step by step and make sure you are confident before proceeding to the next step. i will strongly recommend anyone to join todo latino salsa dance



Joined as a beginner and Amanda helped me so much improving my dancing skills.
The classes are great and the social events are suitable for everyone regardless of your level. Strongly advise joining if you are looking for a respectful, fun and professional dance school.



Amazing lessons.
Brilliant, patient teachers.
Loved my lessons, really couldn't get enough.
Always something new to keep everyone wanting more.
Dance nights....you just dont stop dancing.
Cant wait for reopening.


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