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Gentlemen, what made you dance?

Gentlemen, what made you start Salsa lessons?

Gentlemen of Nottingham I need your help please – What made you start Salsa Lessons?
What were you most nervous about?
If you have never danced what puts you off starting?



Start curiosity. Most nervous: leading. Not only you feel ridiculous but knowing you have to lead when you have no idea what you are doing is a psychological burden. When talking to beginners or wannabe beginners, now I systematically make sure we all know it is hard and mastering this pressure is part of the learning.


I started because I work in isolation, and rarely meet people! Plus I had insomnia and wanted to try and break the cycle, which dancing did help do. In terms of what I was most nervous about… meeting people because I didn’t do it a lot. And also looking foolish, for as you already know, the nice man at VirginActive told me I was uncoordinated.


I started because I always wanted to dance, I wanted to meet people and I wanted to challenge myself with something I’ve never done before.

Initially what made me nervous was just dancing in front of people, now it’s more the leading. Remembering enough moves that fit together well to make a dance interesting, but not too hard for the follower. All at the same time as looking after your partner on a busy floor and not looking like a muppet!


I like to do things that scare me a little. I have very limited musicality so dancing certainly scared me. The meeting people was a real bonus.

As you know, my biggest fear was being let lose social dancing. The fear of really messing up when leading is very real.

But once you realise nobody else is watching you or even cares, and that your followers are always lovely and understanding then it gets a lot easier.


I’d always danced up until ‘stuff’ got in the way. But then I was once more master of my own time and I’d always been curious about salsa …..As soon as I started I couldn’t understand why I’d ever stopped dancing. It’s my faith.


1. Started – a holiday to Cuba and a general love of Latino culture, people, food and music. Now can’t get enough… so much fun!!

2. Nervous about – social dancing whilst still a newbie but know I need to get out there! Finding the beat and rhythm comes a close second and partly relates to the first point being a leader.


What made me start- a friend wanted to learn and so had no one to go with so I said I’d be a gent and go with her also thought it would be a good thing to learn a new skill and hopefully meet new friends,?she couldn’t attend after a while I continued alone and love it but I think some are put off coming alone but shouldn’t be, some people ask me, is it full of couples you must be alone or feel awkward, I say you can be nervous but there are a lot of friendly welcoming people you soon forget your nerves. I do sometimes wish more people would come over and say hello as I’m not being snooty when I go over to the corner just finding a place I know and I hear conversations but could not easily join it without being rude as I can’t see the body language, just hints to help other visually impaired wannabe dancers, it’s only like forgetting your glasses nothing weirder than that so please ask us anything if someone is snooty after asking it’s because they are rude, not disabled everyone wants to blend in. I think Amanda’s(teacher) teaching is the best I’ve come across very descriptive which is important especially to know dancers. To sum up what I love about todo Latino classes using these words welcoming, interesting, kind fun, patient skilled teacher and helpers also feels like there is a ladder to progress as some other classes can drift and it’s a good environment and lovely fellow learners with you! X


Started at local leisure with my other half and eventually got bitten by the Salsa bug.
Initially, I was nervous at leading, learning the steps and keeping time.

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