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Todo Latino Dance Co.

In Spanish, ‘Todo Latino’ means ‘everything Latin’, which is exactly what founder Amanda Hawley brings to people across the Midlands. Winning the prestigious title of ‘Salsa Teacher of the Year 2010’, Amanda’s UK-wide reputation for many Latin dance styles makes her an asset to the industry.

The inviting atmosphere at Todo Latino is what draws people back year after year, from absolute beginner to seasoned Dancers. The sociable environment means a newcomer can come alone and leave with a whole new set of friends. We’ve even been responsible for five weddings, so who knows who you’ll meet!

We also regularly take the Latin spirit to corporate events, celebrations and schools, introducing underprivileged children to the confidence-boosting joy of dance.


Above all, we believe in giving people the skills and versatility they need to dance with confidence and natural flair to any Latin rhythm, in any Latin style. Our mission is to continually develop our practice to create an inclusive environment and culture of support amongst our community.  

We put effort into creating sequences that can be adapted in a number of ways once you step outside of the studio. We steep you in Latin rhythm and movement, helping you to interpret the music wherever you are.

We’ll introduce you to the basic steps of a number of Salsa styles, including Cuban and Cross Body. And, once you’ve mastered these, we’ll introduce the more advanced Dominican Salsa and Bachata.

We teach the purest form of each style, so you can discover their unique pleasures for yourself, and they won’t all meld into one homogeneous form of Latin disco. Of course, where you take your newfound skills, once you’ve learned them, is entirely up to you so use them and enjoy life!

We actively welcome your participation on our Facebook group which is open to all Todo Latino dance students, so please follow the link and click “Ask to join group” if you haven’t already done so!

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