Do it again… for the first time.

For Absolute Beginner’s Salsa Lessons, Beginner’s Salsa Lessons, Beginner’s Bachata Lessons, not tapdancing lessons, or ballroom lessons  or jive lessons, it’s todo latino

This weekend (Friday and Saturday, May 21 and 22nd,  the studio on Station Street will be closed so that it can be spruced up and the floor be fed and fattened up for Monday’s classes.  Yes, Amanda feeds her floor.

The first time she told me this in passing, I narrowed my eyes and drawled, “Oh, really?”

Amanda was all, “Yes, really.” As if it were the most natural thing in the world. As in,  “This weekend, I’m cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry and feeding the floor.”

I mean, if it had been me, and I told you that I would be spending  all of my Providence given  weekend feeding a floor,  I’d tuck my head in my shoulder, look at the ground while tracing figure eights with my toe at the ground, sotto voce, “And you?”

But no, Amanda said it so matter of factly, I could only admire.

I do remember asking her if her floor was vegan (ha, ha, ha, I kill me. Try the veal, chaps, I’ll be here all night ), and Amanda calmly and gently explained that the thing with wooden floors, is that they tend to be porous. When they get too dry, and you dance on them, they tend to be slippery underfoot. So feeding the floor gives it enough grip so when you dance, there isn’t the threat of an accident.


Every time I speak to Amanda, I feel as if I’m watching a PSA of GI-JOE – “Now, I know!”

“And knowing is half the battle.”


I’m not the only one who remembers that old cartoon? I digress.

Come Monday, there will be new slots of classes, and another chance for you to get up, and come out to dance with us.

Tell me, have you been practising? I must admit, that sometimes, when I’m home alone, I do do my basic. I tend to lower my voice and try to have that intimate, avuncular tone David Attenborough has. You know the one, when the camera zooms into the nest of the Animal of The Day, and there’s a metaphorical drawing of the curtains on to the animal world. David Attenborough says, “Now, look at the mother wildebeast, how she herds her children towards her, at the threat of the lion. Yes. Another day in the animal kingdom.”

I tend to murmur to myself, “Now, we’re observing the clusimous jazzster, and look how she tries to do her basic. Can she do it? One, two, three… will she pause? Yes, wait for it. She steps. Oh no, she’s frozen. Will she complete the basic? Five, six, seven – yes. It’s done for another time. Oh oh… now she’s stopped, confused. She doesn’t know her mambo from her rhumba.”

If you’re new and reading this, come on down, I’m sure you’ll do better than me.

I’m trying to get youtube vids embedded in this bad boy. I have been making videos and I am so wanting to share them with you!

Will you stop by? Come on up to our classes and say hi? I’ll be there, knowing that you’ll have a better time of it and make me jealous.

Or, at least, you won’t have your inner Attenborough narrating your every move.

Practise, my amigos! Speak soon!