Middle of year resolution

It’s May, moving into June, and the days grow warmer and longer.

The year isn’t so new. By this time, it’s older,  and slightly shabby. The promise is a bit tinted,  and by this time, there have been disappointments. By you to others, by others to you. Probably, you might have fallen off the exercise wagon. All that money coming out of your debit card every month, and you have yet to get to the gym. Or, this was the year to make new friends, and just get out of your funk.  The year is almost half over, you think, and as such, it’s too late for a resolution.  For change, and you find yourself resigned to more of the same.

But it’s never too late.

With todo-latino, every week is a chance to make a new beginng. To effect the change that you’ve been promising yourself ever since the New Year, and now in this not- so-new, slightly shabby year.  On Fridays, with the drop- in salsa taster classes, to make sure that you get the basics, with a warm and cheerful teacher that’s Amanda. On Mondays, every eight and four weeks, will be Beginners Salsa Lessons, Absolute Beginners Salsa lessons and Absolute Beginners Bachata lessons at Station Street, Nottingham.

If you do feel a bit nervous coming along and getting stuck in (dancing with other people), feel free to contact Amanda or Wilson for private dance lessons. Then come along, get some good shoes, and dance. In addition, you’ll see the entity which is the floor that Amanda keeps feeding,  and it will be good for your knees too.

It’s May, going into June, and the days are longer. Come and share the hours with us.