Party Over Here! Cumpleanos Feliz!

Hands in the air! Raise them like you just don’t care!

When las’ you been to party? Oi, oi, LONG TIME!

Hey,  Salsa boys and salsa girls, guess what, y’all? This weekend, Saturday,  February 26th, 2011, is Wilson’s birthday.  He wants to share it with well, a few of his closest friends – so if you have a moment spare, drop in and wish him happy returns! Not before 19:00 hours, though, because uhhh we won’t be here before then.

The party will be at Todo Latino Dance Studio, Top Floor, 3-9 Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3AJ.  You’re advised to bring your own bottle,  and there’ll be food.

Think of this as the first party of the season;  put on your glad rags (and decent shoes, no stilettoes, please, or you can’t go on the dance floor) and let’s get all My Fair Lady and hum, “I could have danced all night/ and still have danced some more… I could have spread my wings/ and done a thousand things, I’ve never done before…”

What,  nobody knows that song but me? For shame.  You will come, won’t you? Bring cake !

Since I’m here,  Amanda (Salsa Teacher 2010! Central) has some interesting activities afoot. I’ll be pushing them closer to the time, but can you please insert these dates into your smart phone, i-phone, HTC and various calenders, please? They are as follows:

12 March, 2011: Salsa Amor (this is in Wales, fantastic)

20 March, 2011: Flavors of Latin America Workshop begins at 19.00 hours

1st April 2011, Amanda at Embankment (no, it’s not an April’s fool joke, either).

16th April, 2011: Amanda at L’boro Uni

23rd April, 2011:  AY CARAMBA, it’s a BEGINNER’S PARTY, y’all.  Time to get your glad rags on, your feet wet, and not only dance with the one that BRUNG you, but everyone and anyone that you can get your Salsa and Bachata on with.