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Sosalsalise with the Derbyshire Dancer

We were recently featured with an article on the blog of the lovely Derbyshire Dancer.

Please click here to read the full article.

“It seems to be that Saturdays are a date night and on the journey to love myself I figured I should take myself out for one. I even got all dolled up for it because let’s face it, I deserve to take someone awesome looking out.”

Derbyshire Dancer

Notts TV

Amanda Hawley featured on Notts TV

Amanda Hawley of Todo Latino Dance Co. joins the Notts TV team for a featured interview and dance moves for Beginners Salsa and Latin Dancing in Nottingham.

Todo Latino Salsa and Bachata on the Beach

Todo Latino Returns to the Nottingham Beach

May has arrived and brought the sunshine, we hope you had an amazing Bank Holiday Weekend and enjoyed the Party last Friday night.  We’ve had some great news and we really wanted you to be the first to know, we have secured the Beach for the 10th year and are super excited to announce that our third Saturday of the month will be going Al Fresco with July & August’s SoSalsaIse being held on the Beach with non-stop Salsa & Bachata music and plus I’m assured there’ll be shelter this Summer so the show will go on and we can’t wait!


Weekly Salsa on the Beach

So excited to be returning to the Beach in Nottingham Square this Summer – This will be our 10th year and we have a feeling this is going to be bigger and better than ever before – A new design and layout for the beach is planned with shelter from the sun (and rain) more space and more music than ever before. We will be there every Wednesday for non-stop fun animation, dancing and Ruedas.

Join us every Wednesdays between 18th July and 29th August 2018, these are FREE for EVERYONE and all ages and abilities are welcome, so bring along your Gran and your colleagues and let’s get this going on.

6 pm animation and micro lessons in Salsa – Merengue – Bachata – Rueda – Plenty of time to Social dance and get up and get involved.


Saturday Summer Salsa Beach Party

The even more exciting news is that we will also be in the Square with a completely FREE Salsa Social twice on Saturdays!

SoSalsaLise is going to the Beach! Dance Al Fresco in the Square with non-stop Salsa & Bachata Music from Amanda Hawley + Live Music – does it get any better?!

Join us for this 8 pm till midnight Saturday 21st July & Saturday 18th of July.

Gentlemen, what made you dance?

Gentlemen, what made you start Salsa lessons?

Gentlemen of Nottingham I need your help please – What made you start Salsa Lessons?
What were you most nervous about?
If you have never danced what puts you off starting?



Start curiosity. Most nervous: leading. Not only you feel ridiculous but knowing you have to lead when you have no idea what you are doing is a psychological burden. When talking to beginners or wannabe beginners, now I systematically make sure we all know it is hard and mastering this pressure is part of the learning.


I started because I work in isolation, and rarely meet people! Plus I had insomnia and wanted to try and break the cycle, which dancing did help do. In terms of what I was most nervous about… meeting people because I didn’t do it a lot. And also looking foolish, for as you already know, the nice man at VirginActive told me I was uncoordinated.


I started because I always wanted to dance, I wanted to meet people and I wanted to challenge myself with something I’ve never done before.

Initially what made me nervous was just dancing in front of people, now it’s more the leading. Remembering enough moves that fit together well to make a dance interesting, but not too hard for the follower. All at the same time as looking after your partner on a busy floor and not looking like a muppet!


I like to do things that scare me a little. I have very limited musicality so dancing certainly scared me. The meeting people was a real bonus.

As you know, my biggest fear was being let lose social dancing. The fear of really messing up when leading is very real.

But once you realise nobody else is watching you or even cares, and that your followers are always lovely and understanding then it gets a lot easier.


I’d always danced up until ‘stuff’ got in the way. But then I was once more master of my own time and I’d always been curious about salsa …..As soon as I started I couldn’t understand why I’d ever stopped dancing. It’s my faith.


1. Started – a holiday to Cuba and a general love of Latino culture, people, food and music. Now can’t get enough… so much fun!!

2. Nervous about – social dancing whilst still a newbie but know I need to get out there! Finding the beat and rhythm comes a close second and partly relates to the first point being a leader.


What made me start- a friend wanted to learn and so had no one to go with so I said I’d be a gent and go with her also thought it would be a good thing to learn a new skill and hopefully meet new friends,?she couldn’t attend after a while I continued alone and love it but I think some are put off coming alone but shouldn’t be, some people ask me, is it full of couples you must be alone or feel awkward, I say you can be nervous but there are a lot of friendly welcoming people you soon forget your nerves. I do sometimes wish more people would come over and say hello as I’m not being snooty when I go over to the corner just finding a place I know and I hear conversations but could not easily join it without being rude as I can’t see the body language, just hints to help other visually impaired wannabe dancers, it’s only like forgetting your glasses nothing weirder than that so please ask us anything if someone is snooty after asking it’s because they are rude, not disabled everyone wants to blend in. I think Amanda’s(teacher) teaching is the best I’ve come across very descriptive which is important especially to know dancers. To sum up what I love about todo Latino classes using these words welcoming, interesting, kind fun, patient skilled teacher and helpers also feels like there is a ladder to progress as some other classes can drift and it’s a good environment and lovely fellow learners with you! X


Started at local leisure with my other half and eventually got bitten by the Salsa bug.
Initially, I was nervous at leading, learning the steps and keeping time.

How to dress for Salsa

How to Dress for Salsa

Follow Amanda’s guide to what to wear for Salsa and you’ll feel right at home on the dance floor.

The Breakdown

The main priority when deciding what to wear for Salsa is how comfortable you feel and whether you can still move without restrictions.

You don’t need to dress up for Salsa classes and, although we’ll be giving you a good workout, sportswear isn’t essential either. Many men will feel just at home in a t-shirt and jeans as will they trousers and a shirt. Although remember you’re likely to sweat a little!

The key for women is to wear clothes that allow you to move your arms and legs freely without having to keep pulling things down, hitching them up or putting your straps back where they should be. As the session progresses, you’re going to warm up, so wearing layers you can remove is also a great idea.

Put on your dancing shoes

When it comes to footwear, just don’t mention stilettos.

When you’re starting out, it’s not necessary to invest in specialist dance shoes, though who are we to deny you an excuse to extend your shoe wardrobe?

Simply choose a pair of suitable shoes with smooth or leather soles which will stay firmly on your feet. Flying footwear never looks good on the dance floor, so mules, flip flops and sling backs are definite no no’s, as are any shoes with a heel of more than 2.5″.

Here’s a tip: If you can’t walk briskly in your shoes, you will not be able to dance in them so find a pair you could in theory run for the bus in. Do not wear trainers with lots of rubbery grip or tread as these are guaranteed to make your legs, ache and heavy rubber soled shoes will break your movement unnecessarily.

And finally… NO STILETTO HEELS please! 🙂

Even if you could dance in them, they’re not suitable and they will ruin our lovely dance floor as well making it dangerous for other dancers in your proximity.

Would you reject a dance?

Would you reject a dance?

The guys at Danced Up asked members of the Latin dance community how they would handle being turned down or rejected when asking someone to dance. They then went on to digest the consequences of turning someone down and what the implications are.

Party Over Here! Cumpleanos Feliz!

Hands in the air! Raise them like you just don’t care!

When las’ you been to party? Oi, oi, LONG TIME!

Hey,  Salsa boys and salsa girls, guess what, y’all? This weekend, Saturday,  February 26th, 2011, is Wilson’s birthday.  He wants to share it with well, a few of his closest friends – so if you have a moment spare, drop in and wish him happy returns! Not before 19:00 hours, though, because uhhh we won’t be here before then.

The party will be at Todo Latino Dance Studio, Top Floor, 3-9 Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3AJ.  You’re advised to bring your own bottle,  and there’ll be food.

Think of this as the first party of the season;  put on your glad rags (and decent shoes, no stilettoes, please, or you can’t go on the dance floor) and let’s get all My Fair Lady and hum, “I could have danced all night/ and still have danced some more… I could have spread my wings/ and done a thousand things, I’ve never done before…”

What,  nobody knows that song but me? For shame.  You will come, won’t you? Bring cake !

Since I’m here,  Amanda (Salsa Teacher 2010! Central) has some interesting activities afoot. I’ll be pushing them closer to the time, but can you please insert these dates into your smart phone, i-phone, HTC and various calenders, please? They are as follows:

12 March, 2011: Salsa Amor (this is in Wales, fantastic)

20 March, 2011: Flavors of Latin America Workshop begins at 19.00 hours

1st April 2011, Amanda at Embankment (no, it’s not an April’s fool joke, either).

16th April, 2011: Amanda at L’boro Uni

23rd April, 2011:  AY CARAMBA, it’s a BEGINNER’S PARTY, y’all.  Time to get your glad rags on, your feet wet, and not only dance with the one that BRUNG you, but everyone and anyone that you can get your Salsa and Bachata on with.


Middle of year resolution

It’s May, moving into June, and the days grow warmer and longer.

The year isn’t so new. By this time, it’s older,  and slightly shabby. The promise is a bit tinted,  and by this time, there have been disappointments. By you to others, by others to you. Probably, you might have fallen off the exercise wagon. All that money coming out of your debit card every month, and you have yet to get to the gym. Or, this was the year to make new friends, and just get out of your funk.  The year is almost half over, you think, and as such, it’s too late for a resolution.  For change, and you find yourself resigned to more of the same.

But it’s never too late.

With todo-latino, every week is a chance to make a new beginng. To effect the change that you’ve been promising yourself ever since the New Year, and now in this not- so-new, slightly shabby year.  On Fridays, with the drop- in salsa taster classes, to make sure that you get the basics, with a warm and cheerful teacher that’s Amanda. On Mondays, every eight and four weeks, will be Beginners Salsa Lessons, Absolute Beginners Salsa lessons and Absolute Beginners Bachata lessons at Station Street, Nottingham.

If you do feel a bit nervous coming along and getting stuck in (dancing with other people), feel free to contact Amanda or Wilson for private dance lessons. Then come along, get some good shoes, and dance. In addition, you’ll see the entity which is the floor that Amanda keeps feeding,  and it will be good for your knees too.

It’s May, going into June, and the days are longer. Come and share the hours with us.

Do it again… for the first time.

For Absolute Beginner’s Salsa Lessons, Beginner’s Salsa Lessons, Beginner’s Bachata Lessons, not tapdancing lessons, or ballroom lessons  or jive lessons, it’s todo latino

This weekend (Friday and Saturday, May 21 and 22nd,  the studio on Station Street will be closed so that it can be spruced up and the floor be fed and fattened up for Monday’s classes.  Yes, Amanda feeds her floor.

The first time she told me this in passing, I narrowed my eyes and drawled, “Oh, really?”

Amanda was all, “Yes, really.” As if it were the most natural thing in the world. As in,  “This weekend, I’m cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry and feeding the floor.”

I mean, if it had been me, and I told you that I would be spending  all of my Providence given  weekend feeding a floor,  I’d tuck my head in my shoulder, look at the ground while tracing figure eights with my toe at the ground, sotto voce, “And you?”

But no, Amanda said it so matter of factly, I could only admire.

I do remember asking her if her floor was vegan (ha, ha, ha, I kill me. Try the veal, chaps, I’ll be here all night ), and Amanda calmly and gently explained that the thing with wooden floors, is that they tend to be porous. When they get too dry, and you dance on them, they tend to be slippery underfoot. So feeding the floor gives it enough grip so when you dance, there isn’t the threat of an accident.


Every time I speak to Amanda, I feel as if I’m watching a PSA of GI-JOE – “Now, I know!”

“And knowing is half the battle.”


I’m not the only one who remembers that old cartoon? I digress.

Come Monday, there will be new slots of classes, and another chance for you to get up, and come out to dance with us.

Tell me, have you been practising? I must admit, that sometimes, when I’m home alone, I do do my basic. I tend to lower my voice and try to have that intimate, avuncular tone David Attenborough has. You know the one, when the camera zooms into the nest of the Animal of The Day, and there’s a metaphorical drawing of the curtains on to the animal world. David Attenborough says, “Now, look at the mother wildebeast, how she herds her children towards her, at the threat of the lion. Yes. Another day in the animal kingdom.”

I tend to murmur to myself, “Now, we’re observing the clusimous jazzster, and look how she tries to do her basic. Can she do it? One, two, three… will she pause? Yes, wait for it. She steps. Oh no, she’s frozen. Will she complete the basic? Five, six, seven – yes. It’s done for another time. Oh oh… now she’s stopped, confused. She doesn’t know her mambo from her rhumba.”

If you’re new and reading this, come on down, I’m sure you’ll do better than me.

I’m trying to get youtube vids embedded in this bad boy. I have been making videos and I am so wanting to share them with you!

Will you stop by? Come on up to our classes and say hi? I’ll be there, knowing that you’ll have a better time of it and make me jealous.

Or, at least, you won’t have your inner Attenborough narrating your every move.

Practise, my amigos! Speak soon!

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