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Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic and is close to Amanda’s heart. Steeped in folklore, this romantic, sensual dance has partners swaying to the music at a gentler tempo than Salsa.

You might well have admired this amorous dance before, a rhythm easily identified by a hip movement on the counts of 4 and 8.

Bachata has become an extremely popular style of Latin dance and you won’t find a better teacher of pure, unadulterated Bachata than Amanda, who outside of Nottingham is very well reputed for it.

Beginner 8 Week Course

This beautiful dance has a more relaxed pace than Salsa, and our Beginners’ Bachata lessons are open to anyone.

Learn Bachata independently or use Bachata as the perfect compliment to Salsa dance lessons when starting out, because this dance allows you to master the leading and following techniques at a steadier pace.

We’ll advise you personally when you are ready to move onto our Improvers’ Bachata class.

This 8 week course costs just £48, and after 12 consecutive weeks with us you can enjoy a discount on pre-purchased Todo credits.

Improvers / Intermediate 4 Week Course

Amanda’s reputation for Bachata guarantees you’ll learn a higher calibre of Bachata at Todo Latino than anywhere else in the UK.

A well-established understanding of Bachata movements, music and direction means you’ll be taught to identify knowledgably between different styles of Bachata and how to move comfortably around the floor using turns and sweeps. We’ll also introduce you to a lot of beautiful smooth footwork to embellish your Bachata.

We look forward to opening an Intermediate Bachata course in the near future. In the mean time we offer Bachata workshops for those wanting to focus on improving further and styling their Bachata.

This 4 week course costs just £24, but after 12 weeks you can save money with pre-purchased credits.

Watch a sample of what we learn…


To book your place on one of our courses click the button below and then select the appropriate course from the list of 4 and 8 week courses.

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