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Our Salsa classes take place across the Midlands in both Nottingham and Loughborough.

Amanda’s reputation for excellence is on a national scale. She is a resident teacher at many prestigious dance congresses across the UK including the Congress of the year for the past 10 years

A great introduction to the vibrant and sociable world of Latin dance, every class is full of fun and laughter.

Our classes will give you a great aerobic workout, whatever your level of fitness.

Lots of people meet and make new friends at Todo Latino, we’ve even been responsible for a few weddings!

Start at an appropriate level dependent on your current experience and ability with either our short-courses or one of our free taster sessions we run every Wednesday at Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham

Please see our time table for full details of days, times and course start dates.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or more seasoned dancer there’s an option for you:

Beginners Salsa Course

If you’re completely new to Salsa, the 8-week course comprising of 1 class per week covers the 16 basic steps, covering roughly 2 new steps each week, with lots of revision & practice.

Everyone in the class is typically at the same level, and with such a varied social dynamic to the group, you’ll make many friends fast.

Each hour-long class is split into sections: first we go through the week’s new steps and practice along with the previous session’s. The end of the hour is dancing with everyone starting in pairs, rotating partners round the group. You’ll be amazed by your progress.

At the end of the course you move up to Beginners Pus where you will work on gaining confidence and speed, most importantly learning to dance socially and really enjoying the experience. You may also want to supplement your learning with private lessons or start attending one of our monthly dance social events.

Beginners Plus – Improvers - Intermediate - Advanced Salsa Courses

These courses are perfect for those who already have some experience of Salsa but want to continue to learn new moves and techniques appropriate to their current level of ability and understanding.

Unlike the Beginner 8-week courses, each of these short 4-week courses are uniquely designed to ensure our regular dancers are always coming back to learn something new, fun and interesting!

Find your nearest class

Please view our time table page to find your nearest venue and then consult our time table for full details regarding the days and times of any relevant courses.

Can’t commit to a course right now? We also run a drop in lesson every Wednesday night at Revolucion de Cuba Nottingham. If you can’t attend the same day every week, then don’t worry, pay for the beginners course and you can attend the same lesson Monday, Tuesday (L’boro) and Thursday, perfect for shift workers.

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