Improver Salsa At Nonsuch Studio Nottingham


This is an 4 week course on Thursday at 8.15pm

These courses are perfect for those who already have some experience of Salsa but want to continue to learn new moves and techniques appropriate to their current level of ability and understanding.

Unlike the Beginner 8-week courses and Beginners plus, each of these short 4-week courses are uniquely designed to ensure our regular dancers are always coming back to learn something new, fun and interesting!

If you’re new to Todo Latino, 4 months of previous dance lessons in Cuban Salsa should be the right level of experience to start our Improver level course. We have lots of levels, so we will find one that suits you for sure.

Students are offered generous discounts, if you book a Student course, please remember to bring your NUS card or similar i.d to your very first lesson.