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Cuban Salsa


Cuban Salsa, or “Casino”, is a style of social dancing that originates from an amalgamation of Cuban Dance Styles such as Son, Rumba and Pachanga. Salsa is identified by intricate patterns of arm and body movements combined with a syncopated step pattern.  Three steps are taken over four beats, for the count of eight, then repeated. Danced in a 3-point circular motion, Salsa uses closed and open hold/frame with a partner, occasionally separating to dance Solo.  The vibrant music is a poly-rhythmic combination of Tumbao, Montuno and Clave rhythms, amongst others.  Conga, timbale drums, piano, bass, cowbell and Guiro provide a rich blend of rhythm and melody.  The “Sabor” or flavour comes from the spontaneity and improvised use of the rich Afro-Cuban dance vocabulary performed in synergy with the Latin rhythms. 

 Todo Latino Dance Company makes Salsa accessible for everyone. We are an Award-winning Dance Company - our Principal Dance Leader and Director, Amanda Hawley, has a reputation for excellence on a national level; her choice of teaching methods and strategies considers all learning levels and ability styles.  Amanda has over 15 years of dancing and teaching in the roles of both Leader and of Follower, which gives her invaluable insight and understanding that she generously shares in her delivery.  Determined to make Salsa, Bachata and Latin Social Dances inclusive and enjoyable for everyone, she has removed the traditional gender stereotypes associated with dance and introduced the use of inclusive and non-binary language throughout her delivery.  Amanda is committed to creating a culture of acceptance and equality at all Todo Latino Dance lessons and events.  Dance is for everyone, so come and join our community! We are a founding Transfriendly business - find out more

 Whether you are a new dancer or perhaps are new to the area looking for a vibrant and welcoming dance community, we have something for you.  Everyone at Todo Latino Dance Company is welcoming, respectful and waiting to dance with you; so come along and discover new dance skills where, along the way, new friends will become family.  

Nobody regrets starting dancing; they only regret not having done it sooner, so don’t delay, book today!  

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