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Dance Fitness - All Abilities

What to expect at Dance Fitness -

Dance fitness combines aerobic, cardiovascular and fat-burning exercises to Latin and popular music.  You can expect to clock up around 5000 steps and burn 400 calories, all whilst having a great time!  We mix 12 dance styles including Salsa, Jive, Bugaloo and Cumbia, with tone and with strength activities to make fitness fun.  You will want to sing along with the music, and immersion into all the different dance styles will develop your appreciation for their variety and culture.  Amanda’s enthusiasm is contagious, before you know it you will have completed 50 minutes of exercise, supercharged your endorphins and cleared your mind!  Dance fitness does make you feel better.  If you have any injuries or ailments, let Amanda know privately, and she will tailor the session for you and offer adaptations and advice.  

Subscribe for unlimited dance fitness lessons for £30 PCM which is equivalent to £2 a session!

STUDIO - As part of our continued commitment to keeping everyone safe, we run "Solo" lessons with each dancer having a designated dance space of 2m x 2m, with ventilation, and with a robust Covid-19 policy.  Please book in advance; cash payments will not be accepted, no walk-in students or spectators can be accepted.

ONLINE - Lessons will be broadcast live for you to participate or save for a more convenient time. We completely understand that not everyone is ready to return to the Studio yet. We genuinely hope this new way of attending our lessons will keep you dancing and feeling safe during these unusual times. 

Price - STUDIO £6 - ONLINE £5 - Monthly subscription £30 - Todo Credits x 1

MondayDance Fitness
Studio and Online
6:00pm - 6:50pm
ThursdayDance Fitness
Studio and Online
6:00pm - 6:50pm

I can't believe week 8 of the beginners' course is next week. It's flown.

I just wanted to say how much I've loved the classes, I've completely fallen in love with salsa (and bachata) and want to make dancing a regular thing.

You're an inspiring and fun teacher and you'll be glad to know I've been recommending Todo Latino classes to friends in Nottingham and Loughborough.


Amanda has a great teaching style, master the basics, build on a firm foundation. Great sense of humour too. Workshop was an amazing confidence builder for me. 
Thanks Amanda x


Around 4 months ago Sue Collins and I ventured into drop-in beginners Salsa & Bachata lessons with the amazing Amanda Hawley.

Wednesday's in Nottingham changed forever with regular attendance at the beginners drop ins (each week is different and you always leave having learnt something new!) and a beginners salsa course under our belts.

We are now about to embark into the world of improvers eeek! All the dancing guys are so generous and patient I can't thank them enough (you know who you are) helping us continue to learn and practice.

Thanks Amanda

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