The Basic Steps of Salsa

In this Salsa tutorial we demonstrate the basic moves of Salsa that you can expect to learn over the period of 8 weeks in our beginners Salsa course.

During the video Amanda (pink hair) takes on the role of the male leader and Kamila is demonstrating the ladies steps as the follower.

The Steps (in order)

  1. Mambo
  2. Rumba
  3. Abanico
  4. Cuban Basic / Guapea
  5. Cuddle
  6. Ladies double clockwise turn
  7. Ladies preparation and clockwise turn
  8. Leaders clockwise turn
  9. Enchufa
  10. Enchufa doble
  11. Dile que no
  12. Dile que si
  13. Par arriva
  14. Par abajo