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Dance shoes

Studies have found that "outdoor" shoes can carry a high amount of the virus into a sterile place.  As we have some groups who use the floor and to reduce the risk of contaminating the studio, and spreading the virus amongst our "fixed groups" clean "dance" shoes will be worn by everyone entering the studio.  I have arranged a discount with a reputable dance shoe provider in the U.K "Larisa London" which provides me with my beautiful heels of many colours.  Choose a style to suit you, that you can learn comfortably in and will aid your dancing.

  • Reserve your shoes for dancing
  • Clean your hands after changing your shoes
  • Carry shoes in a bag
  • Clean your shoes or leave them for 3 days in a ventilated space

Please use the code "todolatino" to get a 5% discount at

black dance shoes for salsa dancing
Suitable dance shoes for salsa and bachata lessons

red salsa dancing shoes
Lovely coloured dance shoes for salsa and bachata

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