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Dominican Bachata

Amanda Hawley Salsa and Bachata Teacher assists students ina lesson at todo latino dance centre

Bachata is a social dance from the Dominican Republic.  It is identified by soft hip movements, syncopated footwork, rhythmic freestyling and by simple turns.  Bachata is danced in a box shape at various speeds in either a closed or an open hold/frame. The steps are influenced by the music, such as the rhythms played by the different instruments, which set the mood and inspire individual interpretation.  Considered by some to be a more straightforward dance style than Salsa, which it can be when enjoyed to slow music, the faster tempo music inspires individual expression and dynamic response.

Todo Latino Dance Company is the original home of Bachata in the Midlands. We teach a fully inclusive and respectful style, focusing on movement, posture, and crucial musicality. For over 15 years, we have been the pioneers of traditional Bachata and remain the best Company delivering Bachata.  Amanda Hawley, our Principal Teacher, studied in the Dominican Republic and is highly respected nationally for her excellent knowledge and teaching skills. She is a fantastic and patient Dance Leader who chooses to deliver a combination of traditional and modern Dominican Bachata.  Amanda ensures you retain your individuality, whilst gaining a comprehensive understanding of the skills required to dance Bachata respectfully and inclusively.  She focuses on developing good technique, texture and tone within your dance, helping you stand out for all the right reasons, generating a love for dancing freestyle everywhere you go.  

Bachata is a fundamental part of dancing in Nottingham. To fully partake in the Social Dance scene, we recommend that you learn Salsa, Bachata and Merengue.  These dance styles complement each other, and understanding them together actually accelerates your progress to the dance floor.  

Whether you are a new dancer or perhaps are new to the area looking for a vibrant and welcoming dance community, we have something for you.  Everyone at Todo Latino Dance Company is welcoming, respectful and waiting to dance with you; so come along and discover new dance skills where, along the way, new friends will become family.  

Nobody regrets starting dancing; they only regret not having done it sooner, so don’t delay, book today!  

Joined as a beginner and Amanda helped me so much improving my dancing skills.
The classes are great and the social events are suitable for everyone regardless of your level. Strongly advise joining if you are looking for a respectful, fun and professional dance school.

Amanda’s classes are fun, friendly and a joy to attend. Amanda is a warm lovely teacher and always makes sure her students feel at ease. I would highly recommend her. Dance is a fabulous way to boost confidence, exercise and meet new and old friends alike..

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