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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a little Q&A section to help answer any of the questions you may have.

We hope this addresses most of your queries, but if you require any more information, please feel free to contact us directly and we’ll be more than happy to help.

When does the next course start?

Our Beginners Salsa and Bachata courses repeat every 8 weeks with new Improver and Intermediate level courses running every 4 weeks.

Please refer to the Timetable to find the times and start dates of the courses you're interested in joining

Our Beginners Salsa and Bachata courses repeat every 8 weeks with new Improver and Intermediate level courses running every 4 weeks.

Please refer to the Time Table to find the times and start dates of the courses you're interested in joining.

The good news is we still accept new dancers up until week 2 (week 3 at a stretch) of our 8-week Beginner courses! Although you may wish to attend a catch-up session if they're available where you are.

This is slightly different for our higher ability 4-week courses where we accept new dancers up until week 2 depending on prior experience.

If you have any doubt please contact me and I'll let you know what I recommend.

Primarily Latin and South American styles of Cuban Salsa and Dominican Bachata with an emphasis on freestyle techniques and social dancing - we always teach the purest form of each dance.

Yes, absolutely.

Just turn up to the first class of a new course and try things out - you need only pay for the first class and then you can still decide whether or not you want to complete the whole course.

We now also run Monday evening drop-in classes for beginners in Nottingham so you can still dance if your schedule doesn't allow you to commit to doing the course.

There’s no requirement to bring a partner to take part in our classes. Classes have been designed assuming the majority comes solo.

We frequently change and rotate dance partners within the group to ensure every leader dances with every follower many times throughout the class.

Of course, you’re still welcome to bring your partner or friends along, but we politely ask that you respect the structure of the classes and rotate partners along with us.

In response to Covid-19, we have reduced/stopped changing partners and will respect any individuals desire to remain with one partner as part of the class. 

We love building friendships at Todo Latino. Sometimes it’s easier to meet new people when you come on your own, so be brave - we’re a friendly bunch!

We frequently switch partners during class so that everybody will dance with everybody else. i.e. Every 'Leader' will dance with every 'Follower' and we will always do our best to ensure courses are subscribed with a balanced number of Leaders and Followers

You would benefit from wearing comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and easily without being restricted as you may develop a warm glow!

Read Amanda's short Guide on How to Dress for Salsa and you'll fit right in.

Smooth soled shoes that won't slip off. Ladies, please don't wear stilettos or incredibly high heels as you may injure someone with them.

If you wear sports trainers with too much grip your movements will be unnecessarily broken.

Some people like to bring a towel or handkerchief to wipe down any perspiration.

Ropewalk Nottingham: Parking in the city centre is fairly limited, to pay & display car parks, however there are some on-street spaces available on nearby College Street. City transport links are very close by with frequent NET trams and NCT buses.

No, this isn't essential, however booking the whole course does offer you better value than paying per each class.

Please be aware that if continuing to attend classes from one of our closed courses you will be expected to complete the whole course. If you're unable to attend the majority of classes of the course for whatever reason then please alternatively consider attending one of our drop-in style classes that require less continuity.

Our short-courses are structured into blocks of 4 or 8 classes taken in succession from beginning to end depending on the course and ability level.

Our 8-week Beginners course will always follow the same format to allow anybody with no prior experience to quickly learn the basics in order to progress to Improver level.

Our shorter 4-week Improver, Intermediate and Advanced level courses are constantly kept varied and different to ensure you're frequently learning new moves and fun techniques.

Students are very sociable and usually meet up early and stay after class for a impromptu drink, practice & chat...

Please refer to the prices page for full information.

Yes, we accept cash payment on the night for either a full course or an individual class.

Existing students that have danced for 12 or more consecutive weeks may take advantage of Todo Credits for better value.

We encourage you to make up missed classes by attending one of our other classes of the same level and ability. This does not cost any extra if you have already paid.

If you feel you'll be too far behind, you may also like to consider having a private lesson to make up any missed ground.

Most of our classes are held at licensed venues with fully stocked bars that serve water and soft drinks. We encourage you to support our venue by purchasing a drink so we can continue to provide you with classes.

Please bring a drink when attending any classes held at a dance studios or local community space.

If a scheduled class is ever canceled I will provide notice in advance via the website or Facebook Group.

If in doubt, please contact us in advance or ring the venue.

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