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"Such an amazing experience doing a special dance on your wedding day. Our dance teacher Amanda was amazing from start to finish, she choreographed our whole dance and taught us it across 5 lessons. It was worth every penny to get a round of applause at the end of our dance. Would highly recommend this dance school to any couples looking to do something special on their wedding day."

~Gary and Briony

First Dance Lessons

The Wedding Dance or ‘first dance’ is a time-honoured celebration of two souls coming together, dancing for the first time as a married couple. With Amanda’s wedding choreography, you’ll dazzle your guests and each other, making this precious moment one to cherish forever.

Even first time dancers will feel enchanting and amorous through the tailored guidance, a little patience and practice. And if you are both accomplished dancers? You’ll be thrilled with stunning Todo Latino arrangements. Qualified, experienced, professional and fully insured, Amanda’s love of Latin dance is infectious.

The piece of music you chose to dance to doesn’t have to be Salsa or Bachata, so bring your favourite song and learn to move elegantly in a supportive, light-hearted environment.

How it works

The first step is to arrange an initial informal meeting whereby you can discuss and ask questions with Amanda in person about what you would like for your first dance, whether something outgoing, fun, sensual, sexy or even in between. It’s in this session we discuss music choices and personal dance ability.

Each lesson consists of a 2-hour session in a professional dance studio whereby you will have plenty of time to learn a romantic choreography routine, learn and refine your technique with confidence allowing you to look and feel elegant on your wedding day.

All sessions work on building confidence (if needed), shaping the scope of your dance to the dimensions of your dance floor, and choreographing movements appropriate for your ability and comfort level. For women, Amanda will shape the dance considering the bride’s shoes and dress.

Feedback varies from verbal feedback to video re-plays, so you can ‘see’ exactly how you look dancing. The average time frame for learning your wedding dance is ten hours  (5 lessons £400) with all this in an open, stress-free environment that makes the whole process enjoyable.

At the end of the ten hours the aim is for you the dancers to have three minutes of fluid movement on the dance floor, in front of your friends and loved ones.

These sessions will be ‘you’ time, a sanctuary away from the chaos of pre-wedding planning, and a tangible experience toward celebrating your new life together as a married couple.

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