Nottingham Dance Classes

Join us every Monday and Thursday in Nottingham for fun Salsa and Bachata at The Carrington Room The Mansfield Road Baptist Church on Mondays and the Vat & Fiddle on Thursday.

As well as our regular courses every Wednesday evening we also run a beginner’s Salsa drop-in weekly class that is suitable for anyone who is not wanting to commit to a full course.

For a complete list of days, times and venues please refer to our timetable.

Our dancers are very sociable and there is a dance social in Nottingham on a Wednesday evening which is open for anyone to attend for free & a Rueda social on Thursday evening at Nonsuch at 9:15pm. 

You can use our booking service below to book any of our up coming courses, we have discounts for NUS card holders and Young persons. Please use the following codes during booking;

Beginners and Beginners Plus 8 week courses use NUS8 (NUS card holders) and YP8 if booking for a young person.

For all our other 4 week courses please use NUS4 (NUS card holders) and YP4 if booking for a young person.

Please check the date and time when you are booking we run courses on Mondays and Thursdays in Nottingham.

Monday Lesson Location

The Carrington Room The Mansfield Road Baptist Church

NOTTINGHAM, NG2 1NB United Kingdom
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Thursday Lesson Location

Vat & Fiddle 14 Queensbridge Road Nottingham, NG2 1NB