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Partnered Cuban Salsa – Competent to Proficient/Expert

What to expect in the Proficient to Competent Group –

At Todo Latino, we have over 15 years of experience in helping people develop into the competent and proficient social dancers they aspire to be. We facilitate the development of sound techniques and understanding of steps and communication. Looking further, partner work will help establish a comprehensive scaffolding of the fundamentals; embellished with your individual expression and gestures, this will encourage personalities to shine through and advance your dancing style.

This group is perfect for Advancing Novices who can competently demonstrate the fundamental step patterns, partnership skills, musicality, and communication required for basic social dancing and who want to progress to new moves and techniques and develop their ability.  If you’re new to Todo Latino and looking to join our community, four months of regular lessons should be the right level of experience for you to join our Competent group; we have a group that suits you.  Dancers returning after a break will find this group the ideal way to refresh their moves.  

In this group, you will progress to proficiently demonstrate an impressive selection of step combinations and apply the fundamentals to all actions.  You will become dextrous and able to dance to upbeat tempos, responding to the tone of the music with gestures and expressions.  Your dance personality will shine bright. We are equipping you with fantastic skills to dance at our Todo Latino events, or for your next trip to South America!

Come along and join the Todo Dance Family…

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Timetable – Todo Latino Dance Centre

Monday 7 pm

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I can’t believe week 8 of the beginners’ course is next week. It’s flown.I just wanted to say how much I’ve loved the classes, I’ve completely fallen in love with salsa (and bachata) and want to make dancing a regular thing.You’re an inspiring and fun teacher and you’ll be glad to know I’ve been recommending Todo Latino classes to friends in Nottingham and Loughborough.-Rachel

Amanda has a great teaching style, master the basics, build on a firm foundation. Great sense of humour too. Workshop was an amazing confidence builder for me. 
Thanks Amanda x-Andrew

You hold the space for us to flourish with patience, vibrancy and humour. What a great way to learn to dance. Thank you for creating Todo Latino.

Absolutely love the Salsa class and can’t wait for lessons to begin again 🤗 Amanda and the team are so professional and help you to progress your dancing skills with ease. Really enjoyable and so much fun.

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