Partnered Dominican Bachata - New to Advancing Novice Group - Todo Latino Dance Co

Partnered Dominican Bachata - New Dancers Group

What to expect in the New Dancers Group -

Salsa Dancers from the sessions on either side are encouraged to learn a couple of basic skills together each week - and practice together in a fun and friendly social scenario
Never danced before? Not got a partner?
Not a problem, you don't need either; turn up and let us do what we do best. With over 15 years of teaching community dance for social enjoyment, we put you at ease in no time, more importantly, getting you dancing and quickly making new friends. Our dance lessons are structured and delivered using inclusive language and styles with a lively and enjoyable ambience. Typically everyone in the group is of a similar level, with varied social dynamics, which creates an accepting environment where a community of learners with a shared interest become friends whilst gaining new dancing skills.
This level aims to cover the fundamental steps and help understand the dance's stylistic posture and movement. Immerse yourself in the music to develop familiarity with the timing and rhythm and practice the skills and techniques required for social dancing and communication between partners.
By experimenting with this new knowledge and gaining and exploring musicality and movement, you will improve your ability to switch between steps. The familiarity of the music and movement will develop your confidence and enjoyment. You will receive support learning at your own pace and be encouraged to retain your individuality and personality. We will equip you with everything you need to attend our Todo Latino social events, where you will have a great time amongst our warm and welcoming community of relaxed and fun dancers.
You will be amazed by your progress!
We can't wait to meet you to help you start your journey!

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Timetable - Todo Latino Dance Centre

Timetable & Direct booking links

MondayLocation: Todo Latino Dance Co Directions
18:00hrsDance Fitness (Open Level)£6 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

19:00hrsCuban Salsa Level 3 (Competent to Expert)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

20:00hrsRueda (Open Level)£5 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

20:30hrsDominican Bachata (Competent to Expert)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

WednesdayLocation: Revolucion de CubaDirectionsSchedule Appointment

18:00hrsCuban Salsa (Beginner)£10 / Todo Credit (includes drink)Schedule Appointment

19:00hrsDominican Bachata (Open Level)£10 / Todo Credit (includes drink)Schedule Appointment

20:00hrsCuban Salsa (Competent to Expert)£10 / Todo Credit (includes drink)Schedule Appointment

21:00hrsFREE Salsa & Bachata Social
ThursdayLocation: Todo Latino Dance CoDirectionsSchedule Appointment
18:00hrsDance Fitness (Open Level)£6 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

19:00hrsCuban Salsa 10 Week Course (Beginner)£75Schedule Appointment

19:00hrsCuban Salsa (Beginner)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

19:50hrsDominican Bachata (Beginner)£8.50 / Todo Credit /
£75 10 Week Course
Schedule Appointment

20:40hrsCuban Salsa (Novice to Competent)£8.50 / Todo CreditSchedule Appointment

Monthly Friday SocialLocation: AntennaDirections Schedule Appointment
Our 2024 timetable of Cuban Salsa, Dominican Bachata, Dance Fitness, Fiesta Latina and our regular community dance sessions to reduce loneliness. In addition to Todo Latino Dance Co & IMPACD C.I.C, other lessons and activities are available at IMPACD CIC. Please visit or book the studio

Fantastic teacher and such a supportive and friendly environment to learn, get fitter and most importantly have fun! If you are thinking about learning to dance, just do it - I hesitated for so long and wish I just joined sooner!

One of the best dance instructors I’ve had. Dedicated, committed and ethical. A Covid secure dance studio to boot! 💃 🕺

I can't believe week 8 of the beginners' course is next week. It's flown.

I just wanted to say how much I've loved the classes, I've completely fallen in love with salsa (and bachata) and want to make dancing a regular thing.

You're an inspiring and fun teacher and you'll be glad to know I've been recommending Todo Latino classes to friends in Nottingham and Loughborough.


Amanda has a great teaching style, master the basics, build on a firm foundation. Great sense of humour too. Workshop was an amazing confidence builder for me. 
Thanks Amanda x


You hold the space for us to flourish with patience, vibrancy and humour. What a great way to learn to dance. Thank you for creating Todo Latino.

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