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Amanda Hawley featured on Notts TV

Amanda Hawley of Todo Latino Dance Co. joins the Notts TV team for a featured interview and dance moves for Beginners Salsa and Latin Dancing in Nottingham.

Compliments of the season!

Hey chaps, I guess you’re enjoying the brisk breezes then. I do remember back in the day, when the rest of the UK was enveloped in snows, I tended to be like, “Oh, it NEVER snows in Nottingham. We’re fine. FINE.”

Well, over the past few years it seems that winter’s coming earlier, harder and colder. I KNOW what this weather means though. It means sticky puddings, carb addictions, and WEIGHT gain. It also means SAD.

In this season of the gloam, remember, dancing and socialisation does help to keep the bloat and gloom away, so come on down to Todo Latino on Station Street (or in Loughborough), learn a new hobby, keep fit, and bring me cake and yarn (okay, okay, not cake. I’m on a diet. Oh, and not yarn either, because my stash could insulate my house. Sort of).

Anyway! We’re still there, waiting for you to come on down and have some fun!

Speaking of fun, by now, you should be receiving an invite to our end of year party in the post. Or if you’ve been at our classes, you’d have had myself, or Amanda or Jude pressing invites into your hand and asking you to please come.

For those who are still waiting on the post, here’s the deal: we, the todo-latino team will be having a New Year’s Eve party to say ‘thank you!’ for making it todo-latino. Thank you for recommending others to come to our classes, thank you for returning every week, every month, every new course. Thank you for your smiles, the Merry (sorry, Happy) Christmas cards at the desk, and just being generally good sports.

This ‘thank you!’ party will be held at the studio, on New Years Eve (Dec. 31st, 2010), at 9:00pm until late. We shall ring in the New Year (Christmas crackers and jolly hats are welcome) in style. We’ll be dancing the night away, intoxicated by friendship and all around good vibes. Oh, yeah and there might be a licenced bar too, okay? Okay.

Right, so as befitting a New Year’s Eve celebration (and thanks), the dress code is smart, and you’ll be admitted with your INVITE only. If you have none, but have been to the classes, please drop Amanda a line.

Oh, and in other news. Todo latino won’t be having classes between the dates of December 27th 2010, to January 10th, 2011. We are taking the time at todo-latino to try and take over the world!

Okay, okay, probably not all of the world. We’ll be just be getting the studio ready (cosmetic and otherwise) for the New Year, as well as having some new and exciting courses which I can’t tell you about right now, but they are very exciting indeed.

So, compliments of the season! I’m off to go and start gathering ingredients for West Indian Christmas cake. It’s batter is so potent, I tend to stumble around the house in a drunken daze. *sighs* It’s a good time to be alive and ignoring my diet.

Right, so see you at the lessons, at the party and thanks for stopping by!

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