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Private Dance Lessons


Private Latin dance lessons are open to anyone of any ability who would like to learn any of our styles of Latin and South American dance including Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Rumba.

Often private tutoring can vastly improve your progress as these sessions focus specifically on your goals and are tailored to your needs and desires to learn.

You can either book these sessions as a one-on-one or with a partner of your choice and can expect to improve your dance skills and confidence significantly.

Dancers often complement their weekly sessions with additional private lessons to accelerate the speed at which they learn so they can confidently express themselves at our local parties and socials.

Prices start at £45 for an individual lesson or £55 for couples.

Why do people like private lessons?

Check out the reasons below for why a private session is right for you.

Dispel nerves

If you’re nervous about joining a group of learners, we can help you to build your confidence first with a private lesson. 

Impartial Assessment

A private lesson is a discrete way to find out which group session will suit you and receive some positive feedback. 

Make your first dance memorable

Learning a romantic Bachata routine as the first dance at your wedding or a special anniversary can be a hugely rewarding experience for you and your loved one. Private tutoring is the perfect escape for some quality time together whilst discovering your secret talents as dancers.

Also, ask me about special offers to brush-up your moves especially for Valentine’s Day or Christmas parties!

You can rely on our discretion, whatever your reason for private lessons, I’d love to hear from you!

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