Trans friendly Latin Dance School & Dance Centre - Todo Latino Dance Co

Todo Latino is a founding Transfriendly Business

Todo Latino specialises in Cuban Salsa and traditional Dominican Bachata whilst applying an expansive range of dance theology that accommodates all individual learning styles in a way that is vibrant and groundbreaking.  Our emphasis is on respectful social dancing through classes and events that can be enjoyed just as much between parent and child, romantic partners or complete strangers.  Our Todo Latino family constantly aims to broaden the parameters of dance and to make it readily accessible to individuals who have formerly felt excluded. 


Dancers don’t need wings to fly, and at Todo Latino we love to see people in our dance community reach new heights in freedom of expression.  We have always been motivated by creating a safe space both physically and emotionally for inclusive dance opportunities and our ethos promotes that everyone has the right to monitor and express their own comfort upon entering into dance partnerships and the social dance environment.  We encourage an atmosphere of friendship and compassion, whilst nurturing the unique personal expression that music and dance inspires. 


Our teaching methods never involve traditional gender-specific roles and we invite dancers to learn as leader or follower based on personal choice.  Many go on to learn the opposite role after becoming proficient at first.  Gender-based terminology relating to roles is never used.  Much of the teaching is role fluid, in that followers learn how to respect a lead’s perspective and vice versa in order to improve relationships and understanding in a dance partnership.


Partner dancing is physical communication between two people. Social dancing at its best is the holding of these individual conversations within a supportive and inclusive environment. Our emphasis is on growing in understanding through sharing one another’s individual expression of movement to the music.  The dance community can only ever be improved by facilitating our transgender and non-binary family more opportunities to add to the discussion.  Come fly with us!

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